A-Morir was comissioned by Team Joanne to turn black YSL boots into crystal pink number in less than 12 hours. Custom painted and hand strassed with no less than 7000 Swarovski crystals in Vintage Rose, Light Rose, and Light Rose AB the boots were worn by Gaga during her energetic "A-YO" performance on the October 22nd performance of Saturday Night Live. Scroll down for pictures and video, and click on any images to enlarge.

Bonus: Lady Gaga loved the boots so much she had us encrust her mesh bra in crystals during rehearsal for the perfect amount of underboob bling.

"Gaga paired her shimmery ensemble with YSL boots that Kerin Rose Gold, founder/creative director of luxury artisanal eyewear line A-Morir, helped transform from plain black to shiny pink with rhinestones and glitter." - Hollywood Reporter